Goku Kaio-ken

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I’m going to crush you along with the rest of the Earth!! Go ahead and try to dodge this if you can! Even if you spare yourself, the Earth will be blown to pieces! There’s absolutly no way you stop my Gyarikku Ho blast!! Let you and the Earth together turn to SPACE DUST!! “ -Vegeta


-"You are going to WHAT !? Dammit, he thought this through! I ain’t no choice but to risk it! Times-three Kaio-ken… KAMEHAME-HA !!!!"- Son Goku


Relive the first encounter and first clash on Earth between Son Goku, the hero of Dragon Ball Z and Vegeta, the Prince of Saiyans, through the realization of an explosive 1/6 HQS statue!


Although these two protagonists share the same origins, they do not share the same purpose, since everything opposes them, especially their convictions! The ruthless anti-hero wants to prove his incontestable superiority at all costs by destroying the planet, its inhabitants and adversary, while the Earth’s great defender intends to use all his strength to prevent it, fed by a destructive desire for revenge. There is only one solution: to engage in a merciless fight… May the strongest win!


Determined to protect his family and avenge his friends, Son Goku is determined to let his rage out! In reality, he has no choice, he cannot fail: on his victory depends the survival of humanity. We see him here deploying all his strength and energy to fight and try to defeat the space warrior and Saiyan’s prince, preparing a fearsome attack taught by his master Kaiō-sama: the Kaio-ken x3! An overpowering and destructive attack that forces him to push his limits, thereby putting his own life in danger!


We recognize the place of the clash thanks to the terracotta desert ground painted in a gradation of brown, orange and reddish shades, while we notice that the rocks rise in the air due to the immeasurable energy exerted by Son Goku. The Saiyan's rage and determination can be read in his merciless dark gaze which he keeps fixated on his enemy. He will do everything in his power to save his loved ones this time around: the titanic effort he generates is transcribed through the fierce expression of his grimacing face as well as the muscles of his overdeveloped chest ready to tear themselves apart. The Saiyan’s super massive and protruding musculature is underlined by the light and shadow effects performed by our painters, while the reddish aura enveloping his entire figure manifests his transformation.


The warrior wears his usual orange trousers tightened at the waist by his blue belt floating in the air under the effect of the attack, like his dark hair. His orange and navy blue shoes sink into the ground to stabilize themselves by accumulating as much energy as possible. Cracking the ground under the effect of the energy deployed, legs spread, arms outstretched, he is about to unleash all his power to remind his assailant of the reason why he should never have set foot on this planet. We then see him forming with his hands a sphere of energy in translucent resin in shades of blue, while the immense aura of energy in translucent red resin behind him and the dust suddenly rising from the ground testify to the strength of the shock caused by the attack intended to wipe his opponent from the face of the earth!


The blue sphere of energy can be placed or not in the palm of Son Goku's hands thanks to its interchangeable arms, thus showing the Saiyan preparing his attack or even attacking, especially if he is placed in front of the Vegeta HQS statue associated, in order to bring the combat between the two super warriors to life. Likewise, it is possible to replace the blue translucent resin aura to the left of Son Goku and the ones before him with rocks, if he has not yet attacked. Finally, the plinth is equipped with a LED to make the confrontation larger than life and turn the animation into reality.


The statue comes with a numbered plate and a certificate of authenticity.


Scale 1/6 Total run of 3000 pieces.


Estimated release date: 1st half of 2022




Following this confrontation and the effort it had to put in to surpass himself, Son Goku will master Times-four Kaioken.


© Bird Studio / Shueisha, Toei Animation





Artistic direction : Cyril Marchiol, Cyril Farudja, JonGo!


2D Concept: JonGo!


3D Concept: Patrick Tran


Technical engineering : Patrick Tran, Laurent Roussel


Preparators : Christophe Sperto, Maxime Roudaut


Painters: Mickaël Gros. Eric Jolivalt, Aude Pastor, Maxime Roudaut, Laurent Roussel


Dimensions: H: 37 cm/ W: 44 cm/ D: 50 cm


Materials: Polyresin, PVC, Magnets, LED



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