Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Model Kit 1/72 Black Pearl Limited Edition 50 cm

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Model kits Pirates of the Caribbean

Scale: 1:72
Age: 14+
Number of parts: 895
Length: 500 mm
Height: 470 mm

A model construction kit of the legendary "Black Pearl" the ship commanded by Captain Jack Sparrow in the film series PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. In the fifth part "SALAZAR'S REVENGE", Jack faces the fearsome Captain Salazar, who wants to kill every pirate on the open seas.

- Rigging yarn for static and moving rigging
- Structured sails
- Wooden structured deck's
- Structured hull halves
- Two anchors
- Rowing boat
- Artillery guns
- Multi-section masts with yards
- Shrouds
- Figurehead
- Decorated stern
- Flag chart
- Display stand