The Lord of the Rings Mini Epics Vinyl Figure Saruman the White SDCC 2021 18 cm

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Mini-figures Lord of the Rings

Even a wizard can't hide his true colours forever.

With each new Comic-Con, Weta Workshop's gang of Rings rabble-rousers grows and grows - and 2018 was no exception. We welcomed four newbies to the fold! In true Mini Epics style, all were digitally sculpted here at the Workshop, with an attention to detail that's positively mischievous.

Our team at Weta Workshop have dreamed about creating a line of vinyl collectibles for a very long time and so it is terrific to be able to reveal our MINI EPICS to you all at San Diego Comic-Con!

It measures approx. 18,1 x 7,2 x 6,7 cm and comes in a printed box.