The Hobbit Replica 1/4 Mirkwood Palace Guard Helm 19 cm

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Replicas: down-scaled Hobbit, The


When King Thranduil's people first came to inhabit the caverns of the Woodland Realm, the forest above them grew green and strong. By the latter days of the Third Age a sickness had taken hold of the wood. A creeping darkness seeped into Greenwood the Great; decay and black vines now covered the once lush wild east of the Anduin, and dark things slunk about beneath a canopy that choked out the sun. Mirkwood, it came to be called, and where in times past there was light and beauty, now the forest was a place of dread.

Therefore, Thranduil the Elven King shut his doors, and posted a guard upon the Elven Gate. Tall soldiers clad in silvery mail, the palace guards were drawn from among the realm's finest warriors. Long veils hung across the faces of these guards, masking their features and rendering them impassive, emotionless sentinels; imposing threats to any who dared try to cross the threshold unbidden.

Product features:

- 1:4 Scale;
- Made from high-quality polyurethane
- An exact replica of the prop used on-screen
- Comes with a display stand
- Limited Edition of 750

Size: 10 x 19 x 7 cm