The Hobbit Trilogy Statue Smaug the Fire-Drake 88 cm


As a living incarnation of dread, magnificent in excess, and gluttonous beyond restraint, Smaug knew no equal in the lands of Dwarves and Men.

Beneath the steep, snowy slopes of the mountain of Erebor, the Dwarves of the Durin's tribe unearthed jewels and gold beyond their dreams. The riches of the Mountain made King Thrór of the Longbeards unfathomably wealthy; extending his reach and influence far into the wide lands of Middle-earth. But while many paid homage to the powerful Dwarf Lord, jealousy and gold-lust kindled fire in the minds of others whose thoughts lingered on the Lonely Mountain, and none would burn hotter with rage and hunger than those of a Dragon.


- Limited Edition;
- Approximately 1:100 scale;
- Made from high-quality polystone;
- Features the mighty Smaug in his full winged glory;
- Smaug towers above all at whopping 34.6" / 88cm;
- Includes age-worn ancient Dwarven statue;
- Digitally sculpted by Gary Hunt.

Size: 88 x 83 x 44 cm


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